The Oasis

8 02 2009

OK, I’m finished pounding in the bamboo border around the garden. Heretofore I may refer to my little patch of paradise as “The Oasis”. I pulled a few weeds and next I will get some plants in. The banana trees did not fare well during the cold spell, but some of the other plants did just fine. I would like to order heirloom seeds, but that may take a while. For now I’ll have to do with what’s available, locally.

The Amaryllis and the Green Pepper have shrugged off the recent weather like the troopers that they are. I expect great things from these plants, and they are already producing. We won’t talk about “Puny” the tomato. I’m just happy that it still seems to be alive. Warm weather and lots of water should bring it back. That’s what I get for planting a garden before the freeze.

This $2.00 pepper from the flea market is making me proud. His $5.00 tomato brother is letting me down.

Amy Rillis, as I like to call her, was a volunteer I rescued from the Weed Whacker. Each year she gives me more plentiful and more beautiful blooms.




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