The “Bubba Effect” & Heirloom Seeds

23 02 2009


FOX and Glenn Beck are like that couple you always knew belonged together. Perhaps FOX was your friend and Glenn Beck was your partner’s friend. The two of you would get together and conspire to invite them to the same parties in the hopes that they would recognize that they were soul mates. When he switched from the propaganda machine by the name of CNN to the one called FOX it took me a moment to realize what had happened because I always imagined him at FOX. Now he is home and cranking up the garbage to new heights.

I have a work site where conservative talk radio is cranking 24 hours per day. One morning I got to listen to Glenn Beck as he ranted about the financial collapse and how we should all prepare before it’s too late. The only time I’ve been able to tolerate this clown is when he interviews my hero Dr. Ron Paul. You’ve got to give Glenn Beck credit. He had the sense to recognize the current of Libertarianism pulsing through the generation set to inherit this financial disaster. When all other talking heads set about to marginalize Dr. Paul by outright mocking, Glenn Beck stuck his paddle into the current and used it to propel his vessel into new territory. Now like a shepherd who has caught a few strays Glenn Beck is using Ron Paul’s message like a staff to hook them back into the herd. I must admit, I was almost hooked. I actually started to think that Glenn Beck may have caught the liberty bug and was truly interested in speaking out against the oppressors. This didn’t sit well with my understanding of the mind control mechanism that is the media, and as my motto is “Question Everything” I began to wonder how far Glenn Beck was really going to take this course.

In this YouTube video clip of the Glenn Beck Show (posted by jbranstetter04), Army Command Sergeant Major Tim Strong describes how “The Bubba Effect” will come into play when the Collapse is in full swing. When I first watched the clip I was surprised to see that the military is willing to show the card that they are concerned about us “Bubbas”. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. This is just one more of the divisive tactics used to keep us all suspicious and fearful of each other.

I don’t know how this will all play out, but I do know a lot of people who have willingly dug their heads into the sand.  As unemployment, homelessness and hunger seep in with the tide the desensitized masses still jabber on about American Idol and their kids’ athletic events. If every person spent every free moment cultivating their survival plans they might have a chance. As is stands I envision a huge lot of ugliness, the likes of which this country has never seen.


I almost forgot to mention: I ordered a bunch of goodies from The Victory Seed Company.

I can’t remember the last time I was so excited about the arrival of a package. I hope it comes soon, and I hope I get everything I ordered.

3360011 – Spinach, Bloomsdale Longstanding – 4 gm. Sampler    @  1.55 =  1.55

[1]   3030391 – Bean, Fordhook 242 Bush Lima – 1 oz. Sampler    @  2.05 =  2.05

[1]   3050041 – Broccoli, Atlantic – 0.5 gm. Sampler    @  1.85 =  1.85

[1]   4000261 – Parsley, Italian – 2 grams    @  1.55 =  1.55

[1]   3240011 – Lettuce, Buttercrunch – 1 gm. Sampler    @  1.85 =  1.85

[1]   3240041 – Lettuce, Oak Leaf – 1 gm. Sampler    @  1.85 =  1.85

[1]   3240171 – Lettuce, Winter Density – 1 gm. Sampler    @  1.85 =  1.85

[1]   3090071 – Carrot, Nantes Scarlet – 1 gm. Sampler    @  1.65 =  1.65

[1]   3310131 – Pepper, Ancho (Poblano) Hot – 0.25 gm. Sampler    @  1.55 =  1.55

[1]   3160051 – Cucumber, Marketmore 76 – 1 gram Sampler    @  1.55 =  1.55

[1]   3110021 – Celery, Golden Self-Blanching – 0.25 gm. Sampler    @  1.55 =  1.55

[1]   3250491 – Watermelon, Dixie Queen – 1 gm. Sampler    @  1.55 =  1.55

[1]   3250031 – Muskmelon, Hale’s Best Jumbo – 1 gm. Sampler    @  2.25 =  2.25

[1]   3030081 – Pole Bean, Kentucky Wonder – 1 oz. Sampler    @  2.05 =  2.05

[1]   3170011 – Eggplant, Black Beauty – 0.25 gm Sampler    @  1.55 =  1.55

[1]   4000141 – Mammoth Dill – 2 grams    @  1.55 =  1.55

[1]   4000301 – Sage – 1 gram    @  1.65 =  1.65

[1]   4000271 – Parsley, Moss Curled – 2 grams    @  1.55 =  1.55


$31.00  [– Sub-Total
$7.92   [– Continental U.S. Shipping & Handling Estimate

$38.92  [–## GRAND TOTAL

These seeds will be planted in addition to the other things already planted or growing in The Oasis. I have put out a call for more containers so that I may build more raised beds.

Here is The Oasis as of this afternoon:

The Oasis on February 22, 09




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