The Gravel Project: Part 1

29 03 2009

I’ve been so busy I have missed posting quite a few events. Perhaps I’ll get back to that. We have hardly seen a free weekend since I can remember. We have dubbed our RV “Breezeway B&B” since we have guests almost every other weekend (including this one). AJ’s mother and her wonderful boyfriend are here this weekend and through Tuesday. Their coming spurred us to do something we have been planning for quite a while. I’ll start with this “The Gravel Project” and try to catch up on the older events when time permits.

If you are new to this blog you may not know about my raised garden bed project. I started a couple of years ago with some concrete rings and a few herbs.  Last year I moved into vegetables, and this year I am in full survival mode growing as much as I can handle in the event that we encounter “The Greater Depression”. Doomsday or no, I  have genuinely taken an interest in gardening and making a beautiful environment where once was a sandy, stinky catbox of a yard.

For the first bed called “The Oasis” I gathered about 10 pickle buckets and formed them into an oval. I placed my concrete rings on the front and filled the whole thing with two cubic yards of topsoil and compost. Next, AJ harvested and cut a bunch of bamboo stakes, which I painstakingly (no pun intended) pounded into the ground all around the buckets. I started with the surviving herbs from last year and volunteers that popped up in the yard, as well as vegetables from the grocery store that grow when you stick them in the ground. I bought a tomato and green pepper from the flea market and took a break. As it got warmer the urge to really garden kicked in. I spent the money I had saved up for a haircut on heirloom seeds and got to planting as soon as they arrived. Some sprouted within three days!

The armadillos were really tearing up the yard and even getting into my raised bed, so the next phase became more urgent. It’s been extremely dry and we both got very tired of the sand tracking into the RV and cars. AJ has been working nonstop on the Mercedes (another overdue post) and has wanted a gravel driveway to make that easier. On Thursday, I began thinking about the company we were having and the fact that AJ’s high class aunt and uncle were invited over on Monday. It was warm and breezy and the stench of cat doo was wafting through the open windows. It was all I could take. I picked up the phone and called Stone Mountain Gravel. Lo and behold, the gravel I wanted was on sale, and delivered was less expensive than the stuff AJ had priced at another place. Since Friday was his birthday and they could deliver on Friday I promoted this as his birthday present. Even though we would have to charge it and pay it back next week, on payday, he agreed to go have a look.

Within an hour, the gravel was ordered and scheduled for Friday morning delivery. This was a big project, so I’ll break it down into smaller posts.



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