The Steps Fairy

6 04 2009

We have lived in this RV for four years now.  For four years we have been struggling with these small, uneven fold-down steps.  My knees give me constant trouble and I know that these steps are partially to blame. We have partially disabled family and neighbors who can barely get into the RV because of these dangerous and difficult access.

In my previous post I mentioned that AJ’s dad, (Allan Sr.) came to stay for the weekend. On Saturday morning he proposed to finance a project that made me jump for joy. We drew up some plans, he went to Home Depot and upon his return we all set about building a set of proper wooden  steps!

There is not much more to say than he is awesome, the steps are awesome and we are exhausted and thrilled about the project that took most of the weekend.

The old steps


Imagine using these for four years!


The planning stages

Reviewing Plans

The Steps Fairy with all of the lumber in the Volvo station wagon.

The Steps Fairy

The frame is done. Time for a beer.

Frame Complete

AJ installing the deck boards.

Adding Deck Boards

Looking good.


Losing daylight.

Getting Dark

Stopping point.


Sunday morning. Deck boards installed, making final cuts.

Working Hard

Railings cut, sanded and installed.

Ready for Cleanup


Completed Steps in Place

Side view

Finished Steps Side View

Completed project with potted herbs in place. I can’t wait to step out the door and snip fresh herbs for cooking.

All Done with Pots in Place

The steps are so beautiful and well built. The builders have some final bolts to install; but the steps are fully functional and have increased our quality of life immeasurably. What a great weekend! Thanks Dad!

Notice the gouged and cracked slab. This is a major project in the near future. We are currently asking the Universe (and people on Craigslist) for surplus tile. I intend to create a mosaic with broken tile and flat beach stones from Hutchinson Island. Once we do this we may never want to move.

Tomorrow we go to look at the free bamboo and create our plan of attack for that project.




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