Long Time, No See.

12 05 2009

Wow, time really does fly. I’ve had a busy month and little time to think, let alone write a post.

Before I get into updates I want to say that I miss so many people so much. For once in a long time (maybe ever) AJ and I are living within our means. This wouldn’t be so difficult had we not accrued so much debt after the construction work wound down. We knew the Bevinco job would pay off in the long run, but it has been really tough making ends meet in the interim. We are both wearing raggedy old clothes, both are blind as bats without updated eye wear and haven’t been to a doctor in years. It may seem that we have misplaced priorities having purchased gravel and a car etc. The time I have saved no longer cleaning up a constant trail of sand in the RV has already made the gravel worth it, and Karen offered us a deal we couldn’t turn down on upgrading to the Mercedes. Nothing beats a 0 interest rate mom loan on a legacy car! Every payday AJ dumps a load towards the evil credit cards. The balance barely moves, but we are determined to get out from under this debt. Because of our financial situation we don’t travel or even go out much at all.

It breaks my heart that it has been so many years since I’ve been out to Colorado. Days like this Mother’s Day really bring it home for me. My nieces are growing up and one is graduating from high school, my mom is going to have a shoulder replacement and I cannot even be there to help her through it. They are planting gardens and finding joy in life that I cannot be there to share.

AJ and I weren’t even able to get to Jacksonville to celebrate Mother’s Day with his mom, and we won’t be able to get up there to see Judith for Stepmother’s Day this weekend, either. As we run along on this treadmill, life seems to pass us by. I don’t mean to be such a downer; but can’t stress enough the perils of getting into debt. If you have the opportunity to avoid doing so, I highly recommend taking it!

No major events have happened. Allan Sr. and Barney (the poodle) came to visit. Our neighbors Jay and Michelle brought us a great bunch of garden decorations to spruce up the place. In the photo below Smokey guards a “Bless this Garden” plaque.


AJ has been working full time around here as well as helping me do audits and a part-time job driving Worker’s Compensation patients to their appointments. He has washed and waxed the entire RV and boat, caulked and repaired every nook and cranny with potential to leak, done numerous repairs to the car, washed the car and built a new computer within the past couple of weeks. I don’t think he has the ability to sit still for more than a minute; and when he does sit down, he is typing questions and answers on computer forums about how to fix or improve something!

I had some photos, but I goofed up and formatted the camera when they hadn’t been properly saved. The main computer crashed and burned, causing an unexpected expenditure and many hours of AJ’s time to replace and format. Newly loaded programs don’t always act the way the old ones did. I had some settings issues when I edited and saved the new photographs in the wrong way. Please forgive the low quality and image grain; I don’t have the energy to start over.

We have been suffering a serious drought. AJ heard that the last time it was so dry for so long was in the 1930s. We live on a sand dune and even the native weeds are crispy and brown. The grass doesn’t have a chance. The park is on a deep well, but when we go this long without rain the water becomes very sulfurous as the well seems to hit bottom. Because of the scarcity of water we do not irrigate the grass and weeds, only the garden and ornamentals. Keep an eye on the sand and brown grass, when the rainy season arrives it will all be plush and green. That’s when AJ gets to mow on a weekly basis. When it comes to mowing, his kindhearted side stands out as he mows the grass for the elderly and disabled on either side of us.

The lot as it looks today.



The succulent garden at the front.



The Cardinal Air plant is blooming.



The Oasis is Thriving.



Tomatoes, Dill, Lettuce and Red Peppers. The lettuce has gone bitter in the heat, but some time in the refrigerator helps take out some of the bite.


This flea market tomato has produced a steady stream of delicious fruits. The more I cut it back, the more it produces. At any given time the large tomato plants have a total of 40+ tomatoes.



This Fernleaf Dill appeared as a volunteer early in the season. I let it go to seed and have harvested and dried  a couple of heads.


This is one of the herb sections. There is Spinach, Parsley, Sage, Oregano, Celery and the tall flowering Green Onions that Karen and Mark bought at the grocery store when they last visited. I chopped off the tops and planted the bulbs in the garden. They have produced some nice seeds.


Poblano or Ancho Chiles. They are flowering and putting out baby peppers. Can’t wait to try these!


More herbs. Chives, Italian Parsley, Thyme, Cilantro, a clump of Elephant Garlic and my favorite edible weed, Purslane.


O2 is also getting plush.


In the front from left to right is Broccoli, Carrots, Eggplant and Mammoth Dill. In the middle is a very prolific hybrid cherry tomato which has at least 60 tomatoes right now. The little pot in the front holds a bunch of green pepper sprouts from a seed head I saved from a store bought pepper.


The broccoli is getting large.


The muskmelon is following direction very well and growing out to the side. Behind it is the watermelon, which is also spreading out on the ground.



Yesterday’s Harvest.



I am making a separate page for the garden catalog I created. I’ll post a link here when it’s finished.



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