Stepmother’s Day and the Crash

9 06 2009

The day after Mother’s day has been deemed “Stepmother’s Day” in our family. Since we are far away and can’t always make it to Jacksonville when we’d like, Stepmother’s Day gets shifted around. Judith is very understanding about this and graciously allows us to announce the occasion on short notice. Saturday’s schedule was loaded. Since AJ was in Orange Park with our truck, I borrowed Christy’s truck and headed over to Judith’s house. We went out to lunch, solved problems and had a good time. We were looking forward to the cookout at my cousin Alan’s farm, The Palmarosa.

After lunch we returned to Judith’s where I changed some light bulbs and rounded up a broken cabinet door and her malfunctioning computer to take back to AJ for repair. The time passed quickly and it was soo time to get on the road to The Palmarosa. We were passing through Orange Park on the way and planned to pick up AJ. First I had to ask Judith to follow me to Christy’s so that I could drop off her truck. As we hit the road, AJ called and warned of a terrible thunderstorm in our path. He was caught in it and reduced to driving 4mph due to zero visibility. When we got to Christy’s AJ called again. This time he was borderline hysterical.

AJ: Some bitch just hit the truck!!!

Roxanne: What?

AJ: Some woman just hit our truck so hard that she knocked it into the next parking space. Her car is totaled and the truck is probably totaled, too!

The next call lent more detail. He told me that the woman had been drinking and had resisted arrest by giving the police a false name. The parking lot was full of police and he had to go file a report.

It wasn’t until Judith and I arrived at the scene, about 30 minutes later, that we got the details.

Here is our truck, knocked into the adjacent parking space. Strangely enough, it hasn’t a scratch on it. The damage was much different than I had envisioned from AJ’s description. The person who hit our parked vehicle managed to catch theirs on our receiver hitch with enough force to move the rear portion of this extremely heavy truck completely into the next parking space.


Here is Judith thinking that this may be the most exciting part of her day. Little does she know what is in store!


At first, the offending vehicle was nowhere to be seen. Then, AJ directed me to a parking space on the other side of the road, which they had rolled into after hitting our truck. He and his father were eating lunch when they heard a deafening crash. The sound was so loud that they thought lighting had struck the building. They looked up and saw the offending vehicle rolling into the parking space. AJ ran outside to confront the driver and found a woman standing next to the open passenger door. He yelled at her and she responded by saying that it was his fault because he was backing out and hit her. Considering the fact that he was inside the building, this statement further infuriated him.


The phrase “They don’t make ’em like they used to” became instantly apparent. They had been moving fast enough to catch their right, front bumper on our hitch, relocate our truck and demolish the entire passenger side of their Isuzu Ascender. AJ posted these photos on a Chevy truck forum and some witty member pointed out that their vehicle should be renamed the “Ass-Ender”, considering the nature of the crash.


After I had taken these photographs we realized that the woman was still inside the Isuzu. Rain was pouring down and I guess the officer asked her to wait there while he completed the report. We wondered why she wasn’t in the back of the police car, considering the fact that alcohol was involved and she had resisted arrest.

The officer stood in a downpour for the next ten minutes explaining the accident report and his theory of what had taken place. This is when we learned that the woman’s husband had recently been convicted of a DUI. The officer believed that he had been driving and had run from the scene of the accident, leaving her to hold the bag. AJ could not confirm that he had seen her get out of the vehicle.

Once the damage had been surveyed and everyone was thoroughly soaked, we went inside Allan Sr.’s condo to regroup. The cookout at the Palmarosa was on standby because their “hill” had washed out, the farm was under water, one goat was giving birth and two others were sick.

Many phone calls back and forth resulted in a reinstatement of our invitation.  They wouldn’t take no for an answer. AJ was too stressed out to have fun, so he opted out. Judith and I got in the car at around 6:00 and headed for our next destination: The Palmarosa in Middleburg




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9 06 2009
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