Week in Review: A week to remember.

9 06 2009

I’m at a loss as to how to wrap up this surreal week. Chris Dailey made a suggestion reinforcing something I’ve been mulling over; and that was to break up my posts into a more manageable format. The challenge becomes how best to organize them. Because of the volume of information I have to share I think I will give this idea a go. I plan to go back and archive the old posts in chronological order. The posts associated with this week will be placed in chronological order with links added below. Feedback is much appreciated.

Speaking of feedback…I really love the comments. I learned a lot this week; one thing being that people are passing this blog around to friends and family, and that I have some readers I didn’t know about. So, I encourage anyone who is lurking about to chime in and give me some constructive criticism as to how I can keep from boring you to tears.

I have slapped these posts together, although they are most certainly full of errors and omissions. My hope is that the parties involved will contact me with some more details. I would really like to have the names of the animals featured on the Palmarosa post, as well as anything else I left out. Help!

Here we go with the events of this week:

The Garden

The Dailey Bunch

Stepmother’s Day and the Crash

The Palmarosa

Wrap Up (Better late than never.)




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