Jacksonville Trip Wrap Up

21 06 2009

Here we are, almost two weeks gone by, and I am only just getting around to wrapping up the Jacksonville trip.

I wanted to go back to the Palmarosa on Sunday morning, but there was no way we could make time.

AJ and I stayed with Karen/Mom and Mark (her partner and love). Although our visit was brief and they were busy, Karen still managed to keep everyone fed with her outstanding cooking. There was spaghetti left for me when I came in late Saturday night (early Sunday morning) and she got up and cooked us a breakfast to rival any gourmet restaurant. We even had farm fresh eggs from the Palmarosa, with Alan’s homemade Datil Ketchup. Yum!

AJ had worked on Judith’s computer and glued together the broken cabinet door. As much as we wanted to lounge around and let that phenomenal breakfast digest, we had to get on the road. Karen and Mark made a perfect picture as they stood in the doorway waving goodbye. No way could I get the camera out fast enough, so I’ll share another photo of them from a visit earlier this year.

If you are buying or selling a house anywhere in Florida check out the Greenwise Team.

Mark & Karen

Next, AJ and I headed over to Judith’s to put things back together. We got the computer up and running and the cabinet door put back on.

Judith got dressed up so pretty on Saturday, and the only pictures I got were of her standing out in the rain. Doesn’t she look cute with that polka-dotted umbrella, though?


Next time, I will do better at remembering to take pictures of people.

I did manage to get a picture of Granny Smith as AJ and I stopped to visit her in the nursing home on the way out of town.


We had a nice visit, although AJ didn’t say more than three or four words. Granny told us some great stories and modeled her new glasses for us. She was an interior designer by profession and her sense of style still shows, even though she is bedridden. I wanted to stay and talk with Granny longer, but it was raining hard and we had a long drive ahead.

It rained most of the way home, only letting up as we made the final stretch. A full rainbow arched across the sky, as if to guide us along. As we approached the trailer park, the rainbow appeared to end at our destination.


Tired and glad to be back home, we unloaded the truck and inventoried the culinary treasures we had been given. From Alan & Chris we had fresh, happy chicken eggs, a big bag of datil peppers, and three of Alan’s canned treats: Palmarosa Datil Ketchup, strawberry preserves and chow-chow. Although they explained what chow-chow was, I still had to look it up for ideas of how to eat it. A few days later I had it atop some beans and bacon. I’m hooked! There are many ways to make the relish, and I can’t quite remember how Alan said he made it. Maybe I’ll get a confirmation on that from him.

The eggs were straight from under the chickens. Mud washed right off, and they were delicious!


Alan Palmrose’s homemade Chow-chow, Datil Pepper Ketchup & Strawberry Jam; all of which have been sampled and are deemed delicious.


Karen and Mark bestowed upon us a great selection of Asian foods including Dried Shitake Mushrooms, Chanatoon Rice Sticks, Lemongrass, Soy Beans, Rice Sticks and Dried Beancurd Sticks. All cooking suggestions are welcomed. Please, somebody give me some ideas.


The problem with trying to get caught up with two weeks worth of blogging is that my memory aint’ what it used to be, and it didn’t used to be worth a dime. So, please forgive me if I left something out.




2 responses

22 06 2009

I love reading all this!

25 06 2009

We loved having you and Aunt Judith. We hope you and A.J. come back when you are close again. You and A.J. are welcome at the Palmarosa anytime. By the way my pepper plants are coming on. I guess I have about 20 peppers on my Habanero plant.

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