Today in Review (It’s the best I can do:)

3 10 2009

Once again, weeks have slipped away. It’s been hectic with work and having company (both of which take priority over blogging).

I’ve been busy boiling water and sterilizing my soil. This is a laborious process.

Today I got to talk to my photographer pal in Utah, Doug Havens, who is coming to visit in November. AJ found the idea of talking on the phone and gardening to be humorous; so much so that he snapped a photo. So, in case you are wondering what that looks like, here you go. If not…please continue on to the butter beans. If you haven’t checked out Doug’s blog “Who I’ve Met”, you must do so (after you have read mine, that is:) I can’t wait for Doug to come visit so that he can interview some of  the people in the park.


Butter Beans

Today I learned something about Butter Beans: Pick them the day before they look like this:


For some reason, I was expecting the pods to turn buttery yellow when they were ready. Fortunately, they were just fine, with only a few casualties. This batch was the yield of two vines, which were planted on the old compost heap. I got just enough for a nice pot of Cajun beans and rice. Guess I’ll plant more next time! They were scrumptious.


Oh No, Smokey!

Ahh, poor Smokey. I found him by the road…


It’s one of his favorite nap spots. Good thing the speed limit is 5 mph. Silly Cat!




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