Months in Review

13 12 2009

OK, I’m back. Today is the first day in ages that circumstance and enthusiasm have converged to create an harmonious opportunity for writing. If I were to look for an excuse to procrastinate, it would have to be that the sweltering 88° heat is distracting. But for you, dear readers, I will endure. Since my recent posts have been so wordy, I’ll try to keep this one “picturey”. Besides, who really needs to hear every detail of the past two months?

My friend Doug Havens came to visit from Utah. We went out in the world and found people to interview. We went to the Sebastian Clam Bake (which happened to be on the weekend he came to town), and my neighbor Captain Kym got us into the Mel Fisher Treasure Museum and the McClarty Treasure Museum via his treasure hunting connections. We drove a big loop from Micco up to Melbourne, over to Indialantic (which Doug thought sounded like “In the Atlantic”), down through Sebastian Inlet, south on the Jungle Trail and back up through Wabassso and Sebastian. We got so busy with talking to people and taking photographs that Doug never got the coveted, unobscured sunset shot. I guess that’s good reason for him to come back. He promises to bring his lovely wife next time.

Doug is quite a “piece of work” (in his own words). Here he is hamming it up for the camera.


After Doug left, Llami got attacked again. She was just getting back to normal after the foot abcess episode, when we noticed that her rump was expanding. It took a while before we got worried, because she is so darned fat! By the time I got her to the vet, she had a serious abcess that required surgery and insertion of drainage tubes. This cat has not had a good year. On the upside, she is healed up and seems to now accept that she must stay in at night. I told her that the alternative would be that we save money by having her taxidermied and plated with gold. She seems embarrassed of her “assless chaps” look, but we are all getting a good laugh at her expense. I’m sure she would kill me if she understood the internet and knew that I’d posted these!




AJ is busy, as always, with his quest to keep us mobile and safe. I can’t remember the list of things he has done to the vehicles, but it’s a lot and I am ever grateful for his dedication to this worthy cause. Our neighbor Jay is repainting the hood and roof of our truck. The hood looks great, and I can’t wait to see it finished. The goal is to keep the cats from scratching that up. Right now, this means a piece of upside-down carpet protector placed on the hood when parked. In the future, it will be motion-activated sprinklers aimed at the vehicles. That will be much more entertaining!

Here’s AJ cleaning up the replacement rear-end that he put in the car this week.



Aside from his mechanical activities, AJ has also been cooking up a storm. We have enjoyed two batches of AJ’s Crock Pot Chili and a batch of superb Garbanzo bean soup; as well as countless gems from the smoker.


We had a cold spell, some rain, and are now back to the “summer heat” of December. Wait a minute…something is wrong with this picture. Well, the garden loves it; and despite the ongoing battle with nematodes, I am seeing some good things happen.



For now, I must wrap up this post and get busy cleaning house. Check back tomorrow for a garden update and (hopefully) a post about my first time drying papayas. See you on the flip side!




3 responses

21 12 2009

poor kitty! she’s lucky to own you. even tho you show her ass on the internet

3 01 2010

How can a cat be FAT?!

I’ve seen hundreds of cats in my whole life and never saw ONE fat cat.

This is strange stuff and only adds up to teh ‘only in America fat-ass’ stereotype!

Also, cats are supposed to go wherever they want to, even if this means they’ll die because of it. So, after it’s cured, you should let it just come and go. It’ll be happy that way (and less fat).

Other than that, nice blog (and lifestyle!)


3 01 2010

I think she is fat mostly because her previous people had her declawed. She cannot stretch or climb like normal outdoor cats; nor can she defend herself against other cats. She still gets to run free, but only when we are at home. I can’t bear the thought of seeing her suffer as she has done so much this year. Fortunately, it’s not much of an issue right now, since it’s bitter cold and she doesn’t want to go out. She won’t be less fat, ever, because she is a compulsive eater and I cannot stop my neighbor from putting out plates of cat food all the time. I used to have her on diet food, but I can’t stop her from eating around.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your comment:)

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