This place is so Seedy!

10 04 2010

Things are looking messy in the Oasis and O2, because the cold weather crops are flowering and going to seed.

Since many of my plants are open pollinated heirlooms, I’m letting them complete the cycle in order to save the seeds.

The broccoli has been a steady source of goodness from day one. I didn’t really like broccoli until I planted my own. It didn’t take long to accept the fact that I wasn’t going to get those big, compact heads like you find in the grocery store. I learned to be thrilled by anything the size of a golf ball. However, had the plants produced lots of broccoli, I may not have discovered all of the wonderfulness of this completely edible and boisterous plant.


Broccoli is like the Golden Retriever of the garden; a gregarious, versatile, attractive and loyal plant. I made cream of broccoli soup from the leaves, stems and diminutive florets. We had cooked greens and stuffed leaves, we had broccoli on salads and as tasty snacks while walking around the yard. Even the flowers are sweet and yummy! The old plant has been around for a year now; and as it goes to seed, it has one more trick up its seed. (That’s no type-O.) I anticipate collecting enough seeds to keep us in tasty broccoli sprouts for the duration of the summer!


And like a Golden Retriever, this plant wags its tail all over the garden bed, innocently trampling everything nearby. Next time I will give the broccoli plenty of space to spread out.


Broccoli Seed Pods


OK, I guess that’s enough about broccoli. I do have other things going on, too.

Lettuce gone to seed


Lettuce Seeds


Tatsoi Seed Pods
If these look familiar, that’s because tatsoi is an Asian relative of broccoli. I know, I know…I said I would shut up about the broccoli!


Dill Flower Head


Wax Beans


Speaking of seeds; see those gray things around the base of the bean plant? Those are the nuts from the Asian Sabal Palm. It puts out a huge mass of pretty blue-green seeds, which are stripped bare by squirrels and mocking birds and tossed all over the ground. They even throw them at the roof of the RV, making lots of loud “thunks” throughout the day.

Well, that about wraps it up for this post. Next time I will share the fun I’ve had with a gallon of milk. Hint, we’ve gone all Mediterranean with our diet.

I’ve also got a bunch of photos of the babies in the garden, although they won’t be babies much longer. Fertilizer and Atomic Grow are making sure of that!

And today is Carrie’s birthday. She’s got her hair done, so I will get a good picture of her. I’ll also post an update on the electric bill and water heater issue.



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