Playing Catch-Up

3 07 2010

I feel as though I’ve left a bunch of loose ends on this blog. I’m sure that I’m the only one who cares, but I’m doing my best to tie them up. Here goes:

Miss Carrie and the Giant Electric Bill

Miss Carrie is doing fine (see this post for context). The assistance program covered not only her past due electric bill, but they matched the amount of her credit. I assume this is what happened, because she now has a credit of $250.00. It has been difficult to get her to understand that she won’t have to pay her electric bill for about one year. I guess that she’s had this large credit since February, and has been paying her monthly bill, regardless. We’ve had to explain this to her numerous time, and I’m still not sure that she isn’t sending them payments. I am very grateful to Tom at FPL for taking a personal interest in her case and making sure that her power did not get turned off while we sorted things out.

AJ got her a nice, new water heater for free. Frank (the park manager) donated his time to install it, and Captain Kym’s wonderful lady (Marie) was so generous to pay for the materials.

Carrie also got an increase in her Social Security check (I’m assuming as a result of the phone calls we made). She still won’t wear the clothes I got her. When I ask, she says they are “really nice”, but continues to wear the old ones, with rips and stains. Oh well. I guess you can’t win them all.


We’ve had some great company including AJ’s friend Nelson and his son, AJ’s Mom and her fiancee Mark, AJ’s dad and his wife Caroline, my dear friend Kim and my other dear friend Christy. As always, lots of great food, beverages and conversation.

The Garden

I’d give the garden a solid 5 out of 10. A few things are doing great, but many are not. The nematodes are winning most of the battles. The whole endeavor has become a testing ground for which plants are nematode resistant. I’ve had some interesting results, which I’ll share in a later post; as well as a depiction of what happens when you grab the wrong sprayer when treating the plants.


Work is going great. We have finally gotten the wolves away from our door and are working at paying off our debts to family and credit card companies. As the economy continues to falter, we are seeing that bars are hanging in there. I suspect that people will continue to drink until they haven’t a dime to spend.

OK, enough of that half-hearted attempt to get caught up. Please move along for a more interesting post about our recent outing in the lagoon.



One response

7 08 2010

Nice site lots of excitement!
Rox, Go for it on the Cig’s thing.
About time they go behind the barn again. To smoke!
Wonder if Washington will ever stop paying out the farm subsidies to Tobacco farmers in North Carolina. They could do what they do for pea, trunip,greens, peanut, especially peanut farmers. That would be pay the Peanut farmers and others, to “NOT” grow a crop (“due to market conditons”, having the affect of price controls) (what happened the “price fixing laws”?), is the Fed doing th….., oh, no they would never!) Is it mixed up or is it just me! ? Seems to me our new “Health care National program” will have something to say about who gets to smoke. Wanna’ bet the cigars stay?

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