Outing on the Indian River Lagoon

3 07 2010

Hey, I’m caught up to just two weeks ago.

Conditions were ideal, so AJ and I went out in the boat and snorkeled on a sand bar. It was gorgeous. The water was clear, and we found a couple of spots all to ourselves.

This whole area is about waist deep. The dark sections are sea grass, and teeming with life.



It’s hard to look dignified with a mask, snorkel and wet hair. I am officially a “Dorkeler”


The Indian River Lagoon is an important estuary that is used as a nursery by many sea creatures. When we snorkel, we like to take an unofficial survey of what we find. Aside from the things we caught, we saw a manatee, a barracuda, a large cobia and thousands of colorful little bait fish, which schooled around us as we floated. Surely they viewed us as some handy pieces of flotsam, beneath which to seek shelter.

Here is a sea urchin I found wandering across the sandbar.


A shy hermit crab.


And a gangly spider crab, who was not keen on having his photo taken.


AJ can manage to still look cool, even when snorkeling.


You’ve got to keep an eye on him, though. When he gets in nature he takes “au natural” literally. There were no boats within viewing distance, so he got a little extra sun where the sun doesn’t usually shine.


AJ caught the tiniest, most adorable little tripletail. These fish grow up to be quite ugly and very tasty.


With his experienced eye, AJ noticed the telltale star marking of sand dollars buried in the sand. I was quite surprised, as I didn’t realize they were so plentiful in our lagoon.


Looking to the East, towards the inlet.


Here is a typical view to the West on any summer afternoon. That large beige box is the big, ugly marina. Our park is right next to it.


After we got water-logged from snorkeling, we cruised over to an island by the inlet and had “Happy Hour” in our beach chairs while watching the boats go by.



A wonderful day in a wonderful paradise. Times like this remind me why we live here and love Sebastian so much!



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