Smokey the Silly (Indoor/Outdoor) Cat

25 03 2011

Notice anything different about this photo? That’s right…Smokey is on the couch! Charming cat that he is, he has endeared himself to AJ, thus achieving indoor privileges. He is only allowed daytime, supervised visits; but he makes the best of them.


Some day, when we get a video camera, I will record some of his antics as he plays with scraps of wood and runs up trees. For now, I will share the pictures of one of his latest naps. We call this a “Soft Spot”. After a long night out on the town, he bolts through the door and looks around for a soft spot. We place towels and throws over the furniture in an attempt to “cat proof”. Strange cat that he is, Smokey prefers to drape himself over something uncomfortable, and unprotected instead.


Whatever works for his cat self. He just seems grateful to be allowed inside.

Smokey Couch Arm Crasher



One response

20 11 2011

He looks like a Russian Blue. They are affectionate, sociable and form attachments to their chosen human. He should be inside of a night time as they are non aggressive and would be hurt by other animals at night.You may find he does not wander far at night at all, preferring to stay near his people for safety .Looks like he has adopted you for keeps.

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