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Hi, I’m Roxanne, a 42 year old woman who is happily married to my best friend, AJ. We live in a 36′ Travel Supreme fifth-wheel in East Central Florida right on the Indian River Lagoon.

Since we have no children, I have just enough spare time to scour the internet for strange and dubiously useful information. I have an unusual fascination with all things natural, scientific, artistic and psychological and AJ has an affinity towards mechanics, energy independence, innovative engineering and cooking things in the smoker. We complement each other perfectly and one trait we have in common is the ability to troubleshoot and find solutions. This blog documents the solutions we create towards living a simple quality life.

AJ and I both believe that we are headed towards a drastic socioeconomic readjustment. The human race has lost its way and become the “consumer race”. We are living an unsustainable lie that is destined to destroy the world as we know it, and possibly our host planet. This blog documents our ascent into a more sustainable and survivalist lifestyle. We are learning as we go, and trying to make a living at the same time.

I’m a hobbyist photographer using a Canon 20D. All photographs on this blog are mine, unless otherwise credited. Do me a favor and ask before you lift them. I’ll probably say “Yes”, unless you are attempting to profit from my work; then I’ll say “How much?”.

Thanks for dropping in!

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13 04 2009

I know John, isn’t he the greatest.

13 04 2009

That’s cool. He really is the greatest. Just when I’m about to lose faith in humanity I run across someone like him. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

17 04 2009

I have to tell you….. My back is still hurting from the gravel job. I think Roxanne’s is too. That was too much work for 2 people in one day.

The results are amazing.

Things are changing daily around here. It is actually more of a pleasure and less of a burden now.

Lots of little things to do…

16 06 2009

So.. help me out here… gravel is better than mulch? good drainage. Teach me Teach me!!!!

16 06 2009

Funny you should ask. Gravel makes good mulch, but not the gravel we used. I used pea gravel last year and things were pretty good. My next post will be about the consequences of introducing massive amounts of lime into the soil via limestone gravel. I have since removed all of the gravel from around the plants and have temporarily added leaves until I come up with my next solution (which I have researched more than I did the gravel).

This whole experience is a learning process and I’m a rank amateur, so be careful before you follow my example:)

Thanks for the comment, Dori:)

17 06 2009

Well… you are way ahead of us in gaining experience. All I have are two tomato plants- doing well- getting a few everyday right now… I love sauteeing them with garlic in olive oil and then spooing over some pasta or brown rice. Yum! We also have two green pepper plants that have some peppers… but not ready to pick yet. My Rosemary is out of control and the oregano is just crazy ground cover. But my lovely mint plant is happy as ever…

17 06 2009

That sounds like how I got started. Something took hold after the second year of herb gardening, and I turned into a wanna-be farmer. I’m growing heirloom tomatoes and when I get some good seed stock, I’ll send you some.

Going to a seed swap tonight and will be getting a rosemary cutting to replace the one that died last year. One of these days I’ll get caught up on my postings and put tonight’s meetup at Funky Chicken Farm in it. Well, off to the farm. Thanks for your comments!

18 06 2009

You are an awesome writer! I love reading your posts… so keep ’em coming!

28 06 2009
Robert Sullivan

Hey Roxanne,

I just read through a good portion of your blog and I very much enjoyed it and learned from it. I’ll keep checking back since I am interested in a lot of what you and AJ are interested in (simple and independant lifestyle, vegetable gardening, energy solutions that don’t rely on outside sources, etc.).

I like your ‘Scream Pepper’. That’s exactly what it looks like.

Regarding a replacement for your pea gravel mulch: I’ve always been a fan of recycled wood mulch and organic matter mulch and using a lot of it. Your own discards are best, but if you need more there is always the shredded wood mulch from local municipalities. I know, people give you the Forrest Gump line “You never know what you are going to get” but I think the benefits of composting mulch outweighs any downsides.

I’m suscribing to this blog now and I keep following it.


6 02 2016
Doreen Robb

hi. … my name is Doreen. .. i live at my thrift store (Nirvana Thrift, 2900 Harbor City Blvd) right on US1 in Melbourne. …just down the street from you. ..would love to connect, … my boyfriend Carlos and I are also preparing for economic decline… I’ve closed the thrift store but we are presently converting the space into a food growing /light manufacturing business instead. .. perhaps we can connect and maybe even share ideas. .. .
looking forward to sharing with you.

6 02 2016
Trailer Park Queen

Hi Doreen,

I would love to connect! Unfortunately, I’m a bit farther down the road now (North Fort Pierce). Still striving for food security and preparation for economic decline; and working on starting up my new blog.

I’d love to hear about your project! Please email me at frugalhugel@gmail.com.


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