My memory recall does not work as it should. I constantly forget the important things and have “Blips” of past experiences on a regular basis.

Recently these blips have centered around the time I was a pest control inspector in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, right before we moved to Jensen Beach to work in construction with AJ’s father. Incidentally, today is Allan Sr.’s birthday, and I have forgotten to make sure he gets a card.

It can be strange and somewhat disconcerting to have a memory invade your regular thoughts, like an unexpected visit from a neighbor dropping by to return a borrowed item that doesn’t belong to you. The most confusing part is why I am so frequently taken back to a specific moment when I was pulling up to a person’s house to look for termites or climbing through a particular attic in search of rat droppings.

The only explanation for these frequent, impromptu recollections is that the moments were surrounded by a charge of human emotion. People experience a lot of extreme feelings when their house is being chewed away from the inside out or when they discover cockroaches homesteading in their microwave. Perhaps the energy of these experiences burned the blips throughout my mind like random kilobytes of data onto a hard drive. Bits of information that don’t reappear until you run Scandisk.

They are not all about that brief period of my life. They cover the complete range. Sometimes I fear that I may be suffering early dementia, because these recollections remind me of things that you might hear from an Alzheimer’s patient. And they aren’t just memories of events. I frequently blip dreams from years past, that had long since been forgotten.

It’s strange and unsettling; and therefore, I have decided to share some of these with you.

The Cleaning Lady

One response

29 09 2009

Blips. We all have blips… you are just amazing to be able to recall it all so well. My blips are more often pieces that don’t make much sense :>)

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