The Gravel Project: Part 2

29 03 2009

At 11:05 on Friday morning the gravel delivery girl (yes girl) called to say that she was loading up the truck. We had been out prepping for hours, and her timing was perfect.

AJ dug out strips for the driveway while I cleaned up and organized the target areas.


I tidied up “The Oasis” and started moving the loose items out of the way. This is beforehand.


It’s hard to see in this shot, but I’ve got new sprouts of sage, parsley, celery and spinach in the concrete rings, as well as my two year old oregano and some green onions and a pineapple from grocery store cuttings. Up top, some garlic from the grocery store and some ancho chiles sprouting from seed. The lima bean seedlings peek up in the lower right.


Here’s another shot showing the tomatoes, green pepper, dill, baby carrots, basil and three kinds of lettuce.


Within minutes the driver was backing up into our driveway. AJ supervised as neighbor, Ralph watched. Ralph is the park landscaper and this kind of thing is right up his alley.


Erica, the driver, was a cute young woman with a sunny attitude and tight jeans. I think she made Ralph’s day. Wish I would have gotten her picture!

The gravel was divided into sections. We got 3.75 cubic yards of #57 (3/4″ Concreted Limestone). This came out first.


Behind the divider was the treat for me and the oasis: 1 1/4 cubic yards of Washed Shell Gravel. It is finer, cleaner and cost almost twice as much. We laid out a tarp so that it wouldn’t get mixed up with dirt. Then I had the brilliant idea of  pre-loading the buckets, so we placed them in the dump zone and stood back.


Erica, as diplomatic as she was cute, grinned and said “We’ll see what happens. When this stuff comes out, it really comes out.” And like the best laid plans of mice and men, so went ours.


I dubbed this new activity “Gravel Bowling”. I think the buckets were at a distinct disadvantage. We all got a good laugh, though.


Energized, we began what would be a very long day of moving five tons of gravel. Happy Birthday AJ! Although I’m sure you could have thought of better ways to spend it.