Storms, Beetles and a Silly Cat

27 05 2009


The last two days have graced us with some exciting thunderstorms.

This was yesterday’s front, although today and just about every other Florida afternoon thunderstorm looks much the same.


The clouds looked ominous and we got about 1/2″ of rain; but the lighting was minimal and the whole thing passed within a few minutes. The most interesting part was the smoke in the clouds. Apparently the storm brought remnants of a fire that it may have whipped up on the way.


Today’s storm was much more impressive. The NOAA weather radio went off and mentioned Micco (which it never does). The clouds rolled in fast with a good display of lightning. We got 3″ of rain within one hour. The yard turned into a temporary pond and the road was transformed into a river. We even heard some hail tinkling on the roof. Another quick mover, the storm was gone and the sun back out in just over an hour. Within a few more minutes the puddles had dried up.

We unplugged everything during the storm, but got a good show by looking out the windows.


AJ’s anemometer clocked the biggest gust it has ever measured:62.6 mph.



Grapevine beetles (Pelidnota punctata) have been visiting my blacklight. They are common, but their size and mellow demeanor makes them fun to capture and inspect. I enjoy them because they look as though they are made of wood.



And last but not least…

Smokey the Silly Cat