The Letters in the Antique Trunk, Part 1

Date: July 9, 1899

From: L.J Anderson in Glen Elder Kansas

To: Freeta

Page 1

Glen Elder, Kans. July 9

Well my dear wife or I hope you will be soon. I received your kind and welcome letter the fifth of July. I looked for it three or four times. The 4 they had a pretty nice time. The 4 I worked all day helping John Marks in his store. We tooked in seventy dollars that day. Here is a kiss sweetness or sugar lump. I did not get to work out very much this summer. I helped 5 days in harvest and made 9 dollars. Wheat was not very good this year. Corn is doing well. We have lots of rain up here. My corn is doing fine. It is silking. I worked it our 2 the last time. I had five teames hired helping me. It cost me 10 dollars a day for the two days. I could get 73 dollars for it now. My potatoes are very large.


Page 2

I expect I will have 75 bushels of potatoes. I think they will tast you and me all winter. Here is a kiss. I had lots of fun out of [Lidy Daller’s]. Thought I would throw her a kiss for fun and she throwed me one back and her mother saw her and she asked her who got that and she came to the door and seened me. She gave me lots of jokes. There is going to be a show here next Friday. I expect I will go. I will have to go alone. If you was here to go with me it will take 25 cents. There is a [mary garond] (Merry Go-round?) here. It came here today. It will not bother me very much. This is Sunday night and I am lonesome. I wanted to go to church to nite but had to work to day and had to write to nite. Marks and Tena was up here and she wanted me to see all of my letters. I told her I guess not. She told me to tell you to rite to her


Page 3

or she would brake your neck. I told her I would be in her [wool?] if she did.

They had a nice dance the 4 of July. [Terry] was sick the 4 and went and danced nearly all nite. She is nearly all the time getting her teeth filled. She wants to look fine for [Marks].

[Ward/Maud] and Trey stays in John’s store for him part of the time. Here is a kiss my sweetheart. I will have to work out home this weak and after that I will be with a thrashing machine $1.50 a day for two or three months. That will be pretty well.

Daller wants me to move in that old store house north of the church that you used to live in and farm sum grain for him. I am watching for a place all the time. Here is a kiss. Among all the girls or ladies you beat them all. You are the only one that I truly love. I love you will all my heart. I got your picture out the other day and kissed you. It seemed natural. Mr. Frankan’s


Page 4

You mean thing.

are going to start for Oregon Thursday and [Mat] Sutton is going to start for Denver Wednesday. She says she wants to stay till October. I will be so glad when December comes. It will be nice to see you. Well my girl I am good and I know you are for you always was. I feel pretty good this summer. Here is a kiss. Send me several of them in your letter for thar are nice. Well sweetheart I hate to to close my letter but half to so rite soon and come and see me. What ever youd don’t forget me. Answer soon.

From LJ A. to Freeta Anderson
Be good to yourself and me

By by Dear o Dear


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