The Letters in the Antique Trunk, Part 2

Date: July 23, 1899

From: L.J Anderson in Glen Elder Kansas

To: Freeta Young

Miss Freeeta Young

Taloga Okla.



Page 1

July 23, 1899

I am so lonesome without you

From: LJ to Freeta Anderson.

I am good by by by

Well my Dear / I received your kind and welcome answer. I was so glad to hear from you. Every thing looks fine up here. There is going to be a large corn crop of corn. It looks like rain to day. I hope it will. I am helping Mr. Hartan thrashing. I get 18 cents a hundred. The grain has been pretty wet so we could not do much. I started 18 and worked 5 days and I made $7.50. I will make $2.00 a day when the grain gets dry. I don’t know how long I will help them. I expect about 6 weeks. We are in Center Township 18 miles south east of town. Here is a kiss rite on your lips. It is as sweet as I have. [Wally] Waters is working with Tena


Page 2

at the hotel. I herd that she thought that I am just about rite but wont do her any good. I would give a hole lot to see you. I have nearly forgot what you look like. I am in a great hurry, for it is late in in the forenoon. I will have to hurry and get to town to male this letter and the boys are going to leave at one O’clock out to where we are at work.

Well my Dear wife, or I hope you will be some day. I hope you will [ner] half to work out any more. Mr. Valettes would like to have you here to work for them. One of my ears is just afire. Is it the sine that you are thinking of me? Tina and Jalen is going to the [27]. But I will be thrashing. I would go if you was here. Here is another kiss. The mary garoulnd (Merry Go-round) has left. It did not



Page 3

much of my money. I tooked [Tony/Tena] to the show. It was not no good. You are the only one for me of all the girls. And there is lots of pretty looking girls. I have seened lots of them but you are the only one that I would hug or kiss I would like to be here. We would tear the hole town down. We would walk around the square.

Charlie [Misk] was over this morning and he seemed to be mad. I don’t no whether he was or not. He just spoke to me. I don’t care. He is not so much. We have had some pretty warm wether, cold nites to sleep out. I hope this is my last. If it is not I believe it will be your falt. I know you will not go back on me. I think as much of you as I do of my mother. You are as good as [fine] the best of [fine].


Page 4

So long my Dear.

I wish I could be bothered going and get up a team and take you out a buggy riding.

You told me to rite you a long letter. I want you to do the same. I love you with all my heart and joy. I will be glad when I am yours and we get to doing for our selves. We are all well and your folks was well the last time I saw any of them. The old man your old man wanted to sull me a team and harness but I would not have them. He says that I could not by nothing. I told him that he could not sull me nothing. Well my dear here is one more kiss. I would like read a letter from you every day. What ever you do take care of your self and some day maybe I can help you. Be good. I think so much of you. Good by my dear old girl. Answer soon.


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