The Letters in the Antique Trunk, Part 3

Date: October 28, ????

From: Pauline Young in Taluga Oklahoma


To: Freeta Young

Page 1

Mrs. Collier

(will be some day)

Taluga Okla Oct

the 28th

My dearest sister,

I received your letter last week, and was glad to hear from you, But was sorry to hear that your dearest has gone away to stay so long.

My fellow said today that he would never leave his wife that long.

Well Freeta I don’t see how you ever made up your mind to get married


Page 2

it just seems to me that that is something that I can’t do.

I have not done one thing about getting ready. I sent for my trunk last week and it was the hardest thing I ever done.

Bob says it will sure have to be week after next. Well Freeta here I am all alone, I have not seen George for about three months. I don’t see why he don’t come over to see me, you know how lonesome it is.


Page 3

You don’t know how bad I feel, peoble down here are not your friends like they are up there. You don’t know how bad I want to see you. I could cry all night but it would not bring you down here nor me up there.

I have worked hard all summer. I don’t have any time on Sunday nor any other day. Court is here again. My how we have to work there is so many drunk men around.


Page 4

It does make me feel so bad to see them, I think you ought to be thankful that you have as good a man as Pete is. For I do think he is all right. I wish I could of stayed up there this summer. I never have cared for any man till I saw Bob and I do love him as hard as it is for me to marry a saloon keeper, I can’t give him up, ore I would have been up there long ago. I may not get to write again before I get married, but if I can put it of longer I will.


Page 5

I don’t see what John is going to do down here this winter, I told Fannie to give him the money. You ask him if he wants that place of mine ore not, I will have to go and stay on it again before long. I will take my old man with me when I go. I will have a nice home, and it will be our own.

I am going to ask Fannie to come down to see me this winter.


Page 6

I am coming up a week before Christmas that won’t be long. Tell Tena that I am sorry that I don’t write to her. But I don’t have no time. Mrs. Brownlee says hello to you. You know that Dick married Stella Black last winter.

I must go to bed.

Your loveing sister Pauline Yung

Write soon and a long letter.

I sent my love to Mother.


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