The Letters in the Antique Trunk, Part 7

Date: December “Dezember” (?), 1900

From: Pauline (the mother) in Glen Elder, Kansas

To: Pauline (the daughter)

Note: This letter was a mystery right up until yesterday. I thought that the writing looked German, but not quite like any German writing that I had seen. Because of the connecting powers of the internet I have a relatively new friend who lives in Germany. On a whim I asked him if he could identify the language in this letter. He did one better and had his grandmother translate it! What a wonderful gift that this woman took the time to translate such a complex text for a complete stranger.

My friend passed along the translation, as well as some information about the style of handwriting called “Kurrent script”, which means “running script”. This now-obsolete style of handwriting was used for centuries until it was phased out in the 1920s. It seems that very few people remain who are able to read and translate this obscure form of hand-writing. My extreme gratitude goes out to my friend Morten Lamp and his wonderful grandmother for opening up this mysterious letter for me.

I have pasted her translation exactly as it was sent to me. Perhaps a Kurrent expert will stumble upon this post and help me to fill in the missing parts. If not, I am perfectly satisfied with the wealth of information obtained through the help of my now favorite German grandmother.

The letter is written by Freeta’s mother to her sister Pauline and answers many questions about the family structure that were previously unknown.

Italic note: come soon and visit us!

Glen Elder, December 1900

Dear Pauline

I want to write a few words to you as well and i am blessedly healthful and so we are. The ruth came yesterday and visited me and had said she had received a letter on saturday from you, that you are married. You have a man and when i woke up in the morning i had to howl you could have made your life here as well in our neighbourhood. You have done your whole life in foreign houses …. and stayed fine and lead a fine life and all what i can tell you the lord be with you on all your ways he bless and shepherd you here in the time until the joyful eternity. I cannot give you anything but I can pray for you every day dear Pauline when your brothers would come to you and visit you so please do something for them if you can do something because you know that your brothers……are because the Johan looked bad in springtime but he really became better in the summer he still is very alone in the … in … when the Johan comes to Oklahoma so please do something for him as well you can believe me it is hard for me regarding Johan they pray often for him in church because he has no homeland. The pastor prayed a lot for him in springtime where he couldn’t accomplish anything and he can accomplish since then he didn’t look good in springtime and the preacher had talked to me the lad was still bad but now he is healthy and i don’t forget a day and when you come to your brother so tell him many greetings and i that I am well and I wish the Georg a good new year and health and fortune and blessings on all of his ways and many greetings to your husband. Greetings from your mother Pauline.

Dezember, 1900 German Page 1

Dezember, 1900 German Page 2

Dezember, 1900 German Page 3

Dezember, 1900 German Page 4

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