The Letters in the Antique Trunk, Part 9

Date: July 19, 1912

From: L.J. Anderson in Glen Elder, Kansas

To: Freeta Anderson

Page 1

July 19, 1912
Glen Elder (Kansas)

Dear Wife,

I will drop you a one or two.

I am well and doing very well. Have made 42 dollars and will send you a draft for forty, and you can put it in the dank (bank), and if you wish to you come up and visit. A week will do you good.

I just got in 12 ½ days harvest. Finished today. Worked two Sundays. Will start to hitching to a thrashing machine tomorrow. So you see I aim to keep buisy. Will go with Ralph’s machine. I am not sure just what they are going to pay, but I think 2.50.

L.J. Anderson to Freeta Anderson Page 1

Page 2

I got your letter and was glad to hear but very sorry you are feeling bad. Hope you are better. Hope you will keep well. Drop me word often and let me know you and every thing is. Corn is swell here. Garden is good. Potatoes are large. We have had three little rains but no good. Nead rain. Hot winds are blowing nearly every day. I feel very good. Eat well, working hard, sweating. Well wheat is good in places and some no good.

I seen Silvy today. She has no colt yet, but will pretty soon. He dread her to George Gishes horse. I am going to get that [tam] if I can.

July 19, 1912 L.J. Anderson to Freeta Anderson Page 2

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