The Letters in the Antique Trunk, Part 4

Date: December 12, 1899

From: L.J. Anderson in Superior, Nebraska

Page 1

Well my dear girl I hope yore well and feel good. I have been well every since I have been up here. I don’t know how much longer we are going to stay up here yet. I guess it has been just a month since I saw you last.

I would like to be with you to night. We would have a time. Well here is a kiss my little dear. I am lonesome when we are not together. I will be very glad when I get through up here. It is very cold up here. I have made 25 dollars in 18 days. Don’t you see that I am all rite. Don’t you see that I think maybe I will be home next week some time. We boys are working to gather. We are just through where we have been thrashing and we are going one mile east of here.

I think I can make

Dec. 12, 1900, L.J. to Freeta Page 1

Page 2

about $1.75 a day. I have been making about $1.50 a day. Have you had any snow down there yet Miss? We have had 9 snows up here and lots of rain. Here is a kiss Mrs. Freeta Anderson. Are you good when I am gone as you are when I am their? Is Tena and John getting along all rite? I rote and asked John what they were going to call the baby. I have not herd from him yet. I wonder what he thought.

Did you have a good time Thanks giving. I worked all day. The girls wanted me to go with to [an Orhtersirfer] and I would not go. So be good to yourself and me. If you get this letter in time so you can rite to me so I can get it Saterday Dec 16. If you can rite. I may not be here after Sunday. We will get through and I don’t know where we will go next [illegible] I am good to you as good as I’ve been.

LJ Anderson

Dec. 12, 1900, L.J. to Freeta Page 2

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